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"Happiness is when
what you think,
what you say, and
what you do
are in harmony"


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Children are very sensitive to stressful events, though they may hve not yet developed the strategies to cope with them. Introversion, persistent distraction, problems at school can be a sign of psychological discomfort. I provide support to children from different nationalities in a cozy and safe environment. Throughout the therapeutic process, children can enhance their self-esteem, acquire problem-solving strategies and improve their social skills. Additionally, I actively work with parents and provide advice to teachers in order to forge a consistent and positive environment.

Specialized support in cases of:


Attention deficit disorder (ADD)

It is a neurological deficit by which individuals struggle to inhibit impulses and sustain attention. It is often accompanied by behavioural problems and hyperactivity (ADHD).

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Psychoeducational programs for attention deficit disorders Effective research-based programs can improve:

They also provide guidance for parents and have a positive effect on the child´s self-esteem.

Learning Disabilities

Specific learning difficulties are persistent difficulties in the acquisition of literacy (dyslexia) and numeracy skills (dyscalculia), despite adequate instruction and intact sensory abilities. Such difficulties are the expression of neurologically-based processing problems. As a result, children not only display lower academic achievement, but they also tend to experience lack of self-confidence and behavior problems at school.

Dyslexia: Specific learning disorder characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition, often accompanied by poor spelling abilities (also known as disorthography).
More information: The British Dyslexia Association

Dyscalculia: Specific learning disorder characterized by impairments in learning basic arithmetic facts and performing accurate and fluent calculations.
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Specialized support through multi-sensory programs:
Multi-sensory programs have proved to be the most effective to improve literacy and numeracy skills. They consist of engaging and well-structured activities that stimulate the development of cognitive skills through different senses.


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Happiness in a fast spinning world might seem at times hard to achieve. Acknowledging our feelings, facing unresolved issues, reconsidering our goals and revising our behavior is a process of personal growth that can finally lead to harmony and joy. Psychotherapy can help you improve your environment by improving yourself. Not only can it provide support to cope with difficult life situations, but it can also help enhance your personality and strengthen your emotional and social abilities. Specialized services for people who wish to:

About me.

I was born in Buenos Aires, where I became a psychologist and gained work experience in the educational and the organizational field. I moved to Spain to complete a Master´s degree and a PhD, specializing myself in my greatest vocation: childhood and education. Since then, I´ve visited dozens of schools around the world, conducting research and intervention programs in cases of emotional and learning needs.

I also enjoy supporting teenagers and adults through life transitions and help them attain significant emotional growth. I am trained in positive psychology, as well as in personality disorders, anxiety and depression.

My vast training along with my professional and personal experience enable me to have a holistic perspective on the development of the personality, the resolution of conflicts and the achievement of happiness.

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My Qualifications

  • 2016. Doctor Cum Laude in Psychology. University of Granada, Spain
  • 2009. Master’s Degree in Psychology with two Distinctions. University of Granada, Spain
  • 2007. Degree in Psychology with Honors. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (validated by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports)
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Work Experience

My positions

  • Director of the clinic Bamboo Psicología & Bienestar (Barcelona)
  • Coordinator of the Dept. of Inclusive Education at Amadeus International School (Vienna) and Oak House School (Barcelona)
  • Adjunct professor at Webster University, Vienna
  • Psychologist at the Community Clinic of the University of Granada
  • Researcher on European Project Eldel and LEE Group, University of Granada
  • Teaching and research assistant, University of Buenos Aires
  • Collaboration with schools (Finland, England, Austria, Spain, The Gambia, India, Argentina)
  • HR Philips Argentina
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Academic Publications

My Research

  • Nigro, L. (2010) An interdisciplinary proposal to achieve gender equality at school. Ryan and Lemus Martín. (coords). University of Granada.
  • Nigro, Jiménez-Fernández, Simpson and Defior (2014). Implicit learning of written regularities and its relationship to literacy acquisition in a shallow orthography. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research.
  • Nigro, Jiménez-Fernández, Simpson and Defior (2015). Implicit learning of orthographic regularities in children with dyslexia. Annals of Dyslexia.


Where to find my office:


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My Clinic.

I welcome you to arrange an appointment at my clinic "Bamboo - Psychology & Wellbeing". See what you can expect in the slide show below or take a virtual walk through my clinic. Of course, if you prefer to meet remotely, I also offer sessions online. Please contact me for further details.


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